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What: Hear more about UrbanVibe and how you can make it a better community.
When: Wednesday OCTOBER 23rd, '02
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Where: City Hall School, City Hall
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Recent Site Updates

Recently we have began updating Calgary Urban Vibe, we are slowly re-modeling the site to better suit the needs of everyone who visits. One of the more recent updates is the new online youth Forums where you can meet new people and talk about things that matter to YOU. As well we have the new the "Electronic Youth Interest Form" you can send your information on this form to help with Calgary Urban Vibe. All you have to do is click on the picture at the left of the page that says Join Now!

We'll have many more updates and articles in this month of August, have fun and keep surfin Calgary Urban Vibe.


�Can you feel it?
We can!

Calgary UrbanVibe has been developed by a number of Calgary youth and youth serving organizations throughout the city as a general site for youth to converge and be informed. We will have chat, polls, forums and many articles for youth to read, written by youth! Have fun, look around the site and learn more about your fellow Calgarian youth.

We are all about Calgary youth coming together to share ideas and anything else you want. Come on in now and discover the youth key to Calgary!

Enjoy your stay!

Calgary Urban Vibe Needs You!

Calgaryurbanvibe.ca is currently looking for Calgary youth to contribute to the website as writers, photographers, graphics designers and other general volunteers. You can volunteer from your own personal computer at home and come to meetings with the other volunteers. It is a great way to meet new people! Go to the Join Now page and sign up today!

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Sociality Articles
  Have fun, stick around and read the articles on

   Latest News
  Keep updated with the world by reading our news!

  Read up on the latest of entertainment!

  Hello sports Fans! This section is action packed with the sports world!

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Virtue Articles
  How is your life hanging around?

  From the latest fashions to the latest gizmos, this section is a sure read!

  I have no idea what this section is for!

  This section is for the love birds, and relationship help!

  Talk whatever you wish in here about ethics!

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Convergence Articles
  Hmm what does this word mean anyways?

  School Experiences
  Share your wonderful moments with the rest of us!

  Have some free time? Help out the community!

  Peer Support
  Help out one another if you can!


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Jest Articles
  Have fun! Play games and much more!

   Fun & Games
   Have some fun and play games to escape life for a while.

  Go to new places and meet new, interesting people.

  Try new exotic foods, or stick with burgers and fries.

   Night Life
  Find the hottest spots in town to hang out.

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Seize The Moment Articlesr
  Grab a hold of the day and learn new things!

  Learn new and interesting things for your future.

  Employment Opportunities & Experiences
  Look at job openings and learn how to prepare for a career.

  Consumer Reports
  Check out product recalls and safety concerns.

Are you a young aspiring artist? If so submit your work to Calgary Urban Vibe, we are currently in the process or creating an art gallery. Once we have some of your art we will put the gallery up.

For an idea of what we are doing visit the Edge magazine art gallery.

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